Jonathan Diener

I have been a New Mexico attorney since 1986. Apart from 2011 through 2015 when I was living in Ecuador, I have had my own solo law practice, in Albuquerque until about 1998

and in Silver City since then. I also have a home office in Mule Creek which may be convenient for people out that way.

I am a general practitioner meaning I have experience in and work in a lot of different areas of the law, please visit my Areas of Practices page for details.

I am conscientious about serving my clients. I know that you are relying on me and I take that very seriously.

I know attorney’s fees and other costs of a lawsuit can be so high as to make it impractical for people. I am committed to handling cases in a way that is most cost-effective. I will accept payment plans or contingency fees in some cases.

I have nearly thirty years of experience. I am sometimes asked by other attorneys to research or give opinions on legal issues that are complex or in “grey areas” of the law.

One of my specialties is writing. I have done many briefs in appellate cases. I have found that sometimes a well-written letter can resolve a legal problem without a lawsuit. I have written articles on legal subjects for local New Mexico newspapers, including the Desert Exposure, the Silver City Daily Press, Las Cruces Sun-News and the Catron Courier. There are some here on the Blog page of this website that you might find interesting.

I live in a solar-powered adobe home I designed and built myself in the mountains outside of Mule Creek.  I enjoy playing guitar and singing, hiking, organic gardening and building.